Sunday, January 13, 2013

Diet - Exercise and Losing Weight

Losing weight
Diet a real four letter word to me – I’ve never been on a diet nor did I take excising seriously
after so many years of eating just about anything and everything wearing whatever I  liked it all suddenly changed after one bulge in the waistline silently and secretly started forming
my favourite skirt could not close as easily as it used to I had to pull in my stomach hold my breath
then pull up the zipper in my skirt and to top it all I have a virtual fight trying to get that tiny button into the even tinier buttonhole
My waistline and hips kinda merged overnight  - my favourite stone washed jeans the one  that has been with me through thick and thin through love, marriage, pregnancy after  pregnancy and divorce  which by now was threadbare by the knees that  jeans did not fit not even pulling in the tummy and holding my breath standing on my toes not even that  worked
I had to face reality the days of stuffing  myself  with just about anything were definitely over  -

Exercise -  I use public transport and have to run for the train every morning (I leave on the last minute not intentionally )  I take a brisk walk from the station to where I work (the trains normally are running late) When sitting at my desk I pull in my stomach and hold it like that for a few seconds I try and do as much walking as possible

Please consult a Doctor before starting any DIETS and exercise programmes
And avoid foods that can cause an allergic reaction

This is my very own diet plan that by trial and error I found works for me

Diet – I’m realistic and know that I’m at a stage in my life where I have to eat healthy
I did away with the 3 whites : bread, sugar, potatoes occasionally a baked potato or boiled potato
I use brown sugar and brown bread or rye bread

In the morning  -  I  start off with either All Bran Flakes with milk or fresh fruit with plain Greek yoghurt  with a herb tea or slice of toast with jam

Lunch Time – When at work  I’ll have a whole wheat cheese, lettuce, tomato,  and cucumber sandwich once you into the swing of things your imagine takes over or
Grated cabbage and carrots in a small side dish with mayonnaise drizzled over it
and a fruit or rice cake
Wholewheat crackers with cottage cheese  or tuna fish

Supper –  Green salad  ,  steamed chicken breast or fish - fried in olive oil or grilled served with  steamed vegetables and brown rice

Snacks –Rice cakes, sunflower seeds, nuts,  peanuts,  (not if you have any known allergies  to nuts)

Lots of fruit and vegetables and lots of water

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